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Instructions - how to publish a AD

Publishing an ad on Flippaaja is easy. The system is built to be intuitive and its use conforms to general web services. However, instructions for publishing the notice have been compiled separately on this page.

Publishing a AD 

NOTE! In order to submit a AD to our service, you must first register a user account!

When publishing the ad, describe the product / service as accurately and truthfully as possible. Please tell all the essentials that may affect the condition of the product, the method of payment or trade. Remember that the sale of copies and counterfeit products is prohibited. In order to make trading on as clear and easy to use as possible, add only one advertisement for the product for sale. reserves the right to delete duplicate notices. The same products or services may not be advertised in more than one notice, province, or category.


Step 1:

Click "Post AD".

  1. Give the product for sale/buy a name. If you wish, you can also enter more information in the name, eg “Omega Speedmaster, year 1998, fullset”.
  2. Choose the right categoryIf the category is incorrect, the ad will not be found with the most relevant keywords.


Step 2:

  1. Select ad type (For Sale/Buy/Trade)
  2. Place a price request or estimate of the purchase price for your product. If the purchase price is difficult to determine, you can mark it as 0.
  3. Other link - If you have information about the watch somewhere else on the web (e.g. youtube, you can put a direct link here). However, links to another sales site are prohibited.
  4. Condition - Visually assess the condition of the watch. Excellent means flawless, new equivalent condition. Note! The right condition can only be determined by a professional, this information is intended to be indicative only.
  5. Product Warranty - If the product still has a valid warranty provided by the manufacturer or reseller, you may indicate this here.
  6. Pictures - attach pictures of the product you took here.
  7. Tags - you can add keywords to your ad to make them easier to find, for example “Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Monaco, Chronograph”.
  8. Strap width - select from the options, if you don't know the width you can either measure it or select “other option”.
  9. Material - choose a material for the shell and wrist.
  10. Ad information - this field can contain other information, such as information about maintenance, willingness to change the clock, or contact information (the phone number and e-mail are only available to those registered for the service).

Please make sure to notice that the images do not infringe the copyrights of the other parties. The first picture of the ad must include a picture of the product / service itself. Images must not have watermarks from other sites.

Step 3:

  1. Enter your name and phone number to complete the ad. NOTE! The phone number can only be seen by registered users by clicking the “show phone number” button on the notification page.
  2. If you want your phone number and email to be visible to everyone, add it to Step 2, Section 9: “Ad Information”)


Use in the ad only ad-related and relevant keywords.

Ads are valid for 100 days, after which they expire and leave the site automatically. If you'd like, you can edit your existing alerts in your account.

Step 1 - Start by clicking “Post ad,” name your product, and select the correct category.


Step 2 - Mark the basic information of the product


Step 3 - Provide your information