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Instructions - Preparation of the ad

This page contains tips and instructions for submitting a ad. Before creating an ad, gather relevant information and take pictures of your product for sale. The more comprehensively you prepare your ad, the better it will become.

Before posting, please clarify the following:

1. Basic product information

  1. Manufacturer of the watch or product and the name of the model.
  2. Year model or year when the watch was first manufactured or sold (if you are unsure, try to find out the year roughly).
  3. Watch size (watch diameter)
  4. The watch is accompanied by the following products and goods: box, instruction manual, certificate of authenticity, purchase receipt, etc.
  5. Possible warranty validity.
  6. Possible service history.

If you don't already have the above information, you can pre-google the manufacturer's website, or ask for help, for example from Watchenthusiast FB-group.


2. Take at least three (3) pictures of your product for the ad

The pictures are very important for a possible trade. Take at least three pictures of your watch as clear as possible, for example:

  1. An image of the watch itself so that it is recognizable and can be used to tentatively assess the external condition.
  2. Another close-up of possible damage or wear (if any).
  3. A picture showing everything included in the deal (boxes, manuals, etc.)

If taking pictures turns out to be difficult, you can find good tutorial videos on Youtube, for example, for taking good sales photos.

NOTE! TAKE THE IMAGE HORIZONTALLY AND ALWAYS POSITION THE CLOCK / PRODUCT IN THE CENTER OF THE IMAGEThe service automatically crop images so that products positioned on the side of the image can be cropped out.

3. Find out the price level / suitable Price Request

Posting the ad in the service requires a price request. If you do not have information about a suitable catch price, you can search for sales announcements for similar watches, for example through Chrono24 service or by researching sales announcements from local used watch dealers on their websites. You can also inquire about a suitable price in the FB group of Watch Enthusiasts.