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Instructions - secure trading

The security of trading is the most important factor. This page contains instructions for making trades.

Security when selling a watch


1. Take care of your privacy

Only share the necessary information about the product in the ad.

2. Be careful about buyers

As well as when buying, in sales situations, you should be careful with whom you deal with. If the transaction requires sending the product or traveling, you should be especially careful about who you deal with. For example, when selling by cash on delivery, it is a good idea to make sure of the buyer before sending the product.

3. Avoid financing agreements urges to avoid financing and debt agreements between unknown persons.

4. Don’t trust the unknown urges you to hand over / send the product to the buyer only after the payment has been confirmed.

5. Take advantage of technology

Thanks to good communication connections, you have several tools at your disposal to help you secure a buyer. For example, Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype, Google maps, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram services provide the ability to verify that a buyer actually exists.

6. Create a deed of sale to sign

The deed of sale clarifies situation management in the event of possible damage and misuse. It is advisable to attach a certificate of the parties to the transaction and the transaction to the deed of sale. For example, a picture showing the parties' IDs and a receipt / screenshot of the bank transfer.

7. Shop in public and take a friend with you if needed

Never invite strangers into your home. Deals can be made, for example, in a library or café with other people around. If necessary, take another person with you. However, be sure to notify the other party of other persons in advance.

8. Know what you are selling

Make sure your product is what you say it is. If necessary, the authenticity or condition of the watch can be obtained from a professional watchmaker.

Security when buying a watch


1. Find out what you are buying

According to an old proverb, if something seems too good to be true, it is not. Find out what you are buying (watch features, specifications and price) and make sure the product you are buying is what it's supposed to be.

2. Find out the background of the seller

Ask the seller for information and possible references regarding the sale of watches. Use technology (social media profiles, facetime / whatsapp) to help you make sure your product and seller really exist.

3. Determine the condition of the watch as well as possible

The condition of the watch can only be reliably assessed by a professional. Even if the watch is in a neat condition from the outside, the actual technical condition will become clear as the counter clock will be opened and checked thoroughly.

4. Make trades face to face if possible

Prefer public places such as libraries or cafes. If necessary, bring another person into the trading situation, but be sure to inform the other party as well.

If you have to make transactions, for example by post, be especially careful.

5. Create a deed of sale

The deed of sale helps to clarify possible damage situations.

6. Use professionals to help

If something is suspicious, make the purchase at a watchmaker or require the watch to be checked before making the deal.

If you want to use a trading book for trading, you can find Flippaaja's customized trading book for watches, bracelets and accessories from here.