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  • How can I mark an ad as sold / delete an ad?

    You can delete or remove a product from sale through the profile page. The profile can be found in the upper right corner of the site (person icon). Below it is a subpage "Ads" where you can either mark the announcement as sold or delete it altogether. If you mark an ad as sold, it will disappear from view by others, but the ad information will be stored in your personal profile. In this way, it is possible to keep some kind of log of what has become flipped. Deleting a notification will result in the deletion of all notification information from the service.

  • How can I contact the seller?

    Finding out the seller's contact information may require registration with the service, unless the advertiser has provided their contact information as part of the notification text. Flippaaja has an internal messaging system that allows you to send messages directly to the seller. Use of the messaging system requires registration with the service. As a registered user, you can tap the seller's phone number to display while browsing the notice (provided the seller has provided a p. Number) or send a message to the seller directly via the notice page. The notifier will receive an email reminder of the incoming message. When the seller replies to the message, you will also receive an email notification.

  • I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

    First, click the "Login" button, and select "Forgot your password?". When you type your email address in the next view, and press "Reset Password," you'll receive an email with a link to reset your password.

  • I didn't receive a email?

    Emails may end up in your spam folder. You may want to check your spam, if the message isn't there either, make sure the email address is spelled correctly. If none of the above helps, please contact us.